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I was born in Hong Kong to a hardworking father and a dedicated motherI'm the younger twin brother of my mother's first pregnancy.  My brother and I were born at about three months premature, and combined with being in the incubator for four months, I cannot see from my left eye and only have 10% vision on my right eye. 


Despite my visual impairment, I had a happy childhood and a normal upbringing.  My parents immigrated us to Canada to give us a better life.  I have been living in Vancouver, Canada ever since.


Journey of Finding Christ


 Life wasn't smooth for me despite living in one of the best countries in Canada, and despite graduating elementary and secondary schools on time with students in my grade.  Struggled in college and in building a self-sufficient life that my family would be proud of, I gradually lost hope in life as I researched on life after death in hopes to escape from being a burden to my family and shame to the world.  Thanks to God's love and His perfect timing, I met a fellow Christian through my close friend, and he brought me to church.  Initially wanting Jesus to heal my eyesight to escape from my disability, I learned both from the Bible and the love and care of God's family that God wants to use me and my disability to bless others, just like the blind man that is mentioned in John Chapter 9.


Please read my full testimony here.    


How I Became a Writer


Reading has been part of my life and strength since since I was in elementary school.  I always enjoyed reading ever since my parents took my siblings and me to a library nearby my home.  Over time, these interests became my hobbies.  I'd write adventure stories before accepting Christ.


By reading Christian fiction novels by Karen Kingsbury and others, I became more inspired to share my experience in my spiritual journey to give Christians around the world faith and hope in life.  








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