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Living In The Lord's Delight

Posted 6/1/2019

We all know that our Lord Jesus came from heaven to Earth and walked a man’s journey, but have you ever wonder why, aside from saving us from our sins?


I often wondered why the self-sufficient, all-powerful Son of God would even bother to become flesh and blood and be bounded by limitations.  He who created could have easily cleanse our sins effortlessly.  Or, if He so chooses, He could just wipe us sinners out and re-create restart everything, similar to the time of Noah’s ark and the flood.


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Three Changes

Posted 5/11/2019

Have you ever noticed something's off during a worship, a sermon, or a small-group discussion, and it has nothing to do with the quality of the prayers, the clarity of the message content, or the discussion topic?


It is that one person who seems to have brought everyone down unknowingly, thus affecting the entire worship, sermon, or cell group discussion. That person is a seasoned believer of over a decade who has good spiritual understanding and engages in fellowships. Having daily walks with God and reading the Bible are this believer's stable habits. So spiritual maturity isn't an issue.


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What Is That To You

Posted 4/27/2019

The gospel of John chapter twenty-one is a familiar chapter for many. It recorded Jesus' appearing to the disciples by the Sea of Tiberias where the disciples spent a fruitless night catching no fish. Then Jesus advised them where to cast the fishing net and, suddenly, they caught plenty of fish, and the net was so heavy that they had trouble hauling it in.


While Peter jumped to the water and swam to the Lord, the rest of the disciples dragged the heavy fishing net to shore. By then, Jesus had the fire going and bread ready as He prepared an abundant breakfast for them. After breakfast, Jesus had a personal chat with Peter, where He asked Peter three times “Do you love Me?” Jesus then prophesied about how Peter would die and asked him to follow Him.


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Light in the Darkness

Posted 4/12/2019

Joanna White: Christian Fantasy AuthorJoanna White: Christian Fantasy AuthorOn this special post, I am thrilled to welcome and introduce my first-ever guest blogger, Joanna White.  Joanna is a Christian author, whose debut Christian fantasy novel, Hunter, is set to release on April 30, 2019.  The Kindle edition of the novel is available fore pre-orders at the link at the bottom of this post.


Joanna enjoys writing since ten years old.  Her goal is to inspire and share her beliefs in God to others through writing.  She holds a Bachelor's of Fine Arts degree in Creative Writing for Entertainment, and she lives in the countryside of Missouri with her family.


Today, Joanna shares how we can make a difference and be the light in this dark world.  


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My Father's World

Posted 4/6/2019

As I walked toward a park near my house for the weekly morning fellowship on Tuesday, my mind was still half asleep, despite enjoying a much-needed cup of coffee before heading out. I slept for almost a full nine hours the night before, so I was energized when I woke up. Still, my mind wandered aimlessly during the ten-minute walk to the park.


The morning sunshine warmed me as I arrived at the park. We met on a gravel baseball diamond to sing and worship. Surprisingly, I arrived first, so I circled the bare baseball diamond while entrusted the day to God.


I soon realized that I wasn't alone. No, my group of brothers hadn't arrived yet, but a few singing birds were enjoying themselves on the trees and flew above me. Suddenly, I was reminded of something—God's wonderful creations.


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Celebration of Life

Posted 3/30/2019

On Tuesday, I attended a memorial ceremony for a dear sister in Christ who went to see the Lord after a lengthy battle of lung cancer. She was about 70.


The ceremony included an opening prayer to thank God for her life and for receiving her, a brief overview of her life, and sharing from her family members and those who knew her best. It concluded with a hymn called “I Know For Sure” that assured her eternal destination as well as those who believe in God, before we offered our personal condolences to her surviving husband and adult children.


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From Vanity To Purposeful

Posted 3/23/2019

        The book of Ecclesiastes is one of the most profound books in the Bible. It was written by King David's son, Solomon, in his latter years after gaining more life experiences than anyone would have dreamed of experiencing. It was his life advice to us all.


        It started with an introduction, where Solomon called himself a “Preacher” instead of a king or other titles. Toward the end of the book, he explained what he did at that point of his life, that he taught and passed on knowledge to others, and urged us to fear God, as he did after realizing everything was vanity.


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Blessed To Be Alive

Posted 3/16/2019

As i sit here writing this blog post, families are mourning their deceased loved ones elsewhere. Whether it was caused by a plane crash, a senseless shooting, or premature death, many families are still searching for answers while dealing with the unnecessary grief. Not to mention those who have been diagnosed of terminal illness, as their days are numbered.


Meanwhile, i am sitting as comfortably as possible typing at a computer worrying about minor issues such as how to gain greater readership and interest for my e-books, and wondering who—if anyone—would read my blog.


Selfish, isn’t it?


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Guitar Hero

Posted 3/9/2019

My guitarMy guitar

Since October 2018, I have been learning guitar with my group of working profession brothers. At first, I had high resistance. I love singing, but I lack interest in learning or playing music instruments, aside from perhaps piano, for I like piano music. So when asked if I wanted to sign up to learn guitar, I initially declined.


However, because of the possibility of using guitar as an outreach tool, learning guitar became a group initiative, and I had no escape.

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Treasured To Be Human

Posted 2/2/2019

     After over five years of improving on my sleeping pattern, it's still a constant struggle. So when I woke up late for the weekly morning fellowship with some brothers, I was frustrated—specially after I realized that I forgot to set my alarm clock to sound. But the anguish thoughts were suddenly replaced by the joy and blessings of being a human being and as God's creation.


    I was reminded at a recent sermon that I need to shout for joy for God's blessings on me, such as my identity as the Father's dearest child (Luke 15: the parable of the prodigal son) and the Lord's precious darling (as depicted in Song of Solomon); and for being alive and relatively healthy, plus other things that He has given me. We are to do this especially when we get up first thing in the morning to set our minds on Him and to set the tone for the day. David mentioned about his morning routine in various Psalms, but I will save that for a later post.


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The Best Christmas Gift

Posted 12/7/2018

The countdown has begun, that Christmas--deemed as "the most wonderful time of the year"--is just weeks away.  Shopping malls are well-decorated, and stores are selling seasonal items and gift packages.  Even the weather has been cooler and more winter-like this week with a chance of wet snow.  


Best of all, Christmas carols are ringing everywhere: in malls, shops, people's cars, or even their homes, as they play the tunes either on the radio or on YouTube.  Sometimes, I'd hear passer-by kids singing Christmas tunes while joyfully bouncing beside their parents, who are probably frantically settling on the perfect gift for the kids.


Yes, the season of giving is upon us, and as agonizing as it can be to decide on the best gifts for our loved ones, we'd never fail to deliver.    

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Sudden Death

Posted 10/16/2018

Ten days after the sudden passing of a close friend, I am still reeling and trying to make sense of the incident.


The rough details are in, that he died from a weak heart possibly after doing drugs with his roommate. But the reason is unclear, and it's difficult to determine or evaluate things since the autopsy hasn't been released yet.


For my friends and I who have known our close friend for at least fifteen years, his passing has been a punch in the gut.  He was the same age as most of us who have known him, including me.  We hung out weekly, sometimes multiple times a week.  There are so many fond memories of funny moments with him.


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Happy Thanksgiving 2018

Posted 10/5/2018

Another October brings another Thanksgiving in Canada.


As usual, we will celebrate the holiday over turkey dinners with family and friends.  We would either spend the day catching up with one another, watching sports, or playingames.  We will give thanks for the year it was.


We will also give thanks to God for everything, including our existence and the life He has blessed us with.

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Spiritual Weather

Posted 9/1/2018

What's your spiritual weather like? Sunny and warm?  Heavy rain with thunderstorm with risk of hail?  Blizzard in a cold snap, with no end in sight?    


For a few years, my spiritual weather--or condition--was best described as in a direct hit by a category-4 hurricane.  Physically, I was always tired. I'd sleep for the majority of the day and only leave my house for fellowships.  Emotionally, I had depression symptoms and was exasperated.  Dealing with a relationship breakup left me doubting my existence and questioning God's love towards me.  the "hurricane" gradually dissipated after years of support and care from God's family, and His love appearing during fellowships.  As requested by the Shulamite in Song of Solomon, sustain me with raisins; refresh me with apples.  I needed God's love to keep me alive.


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Casey, Adam, and Trust In the Lord

Posted 8/11/2018

Have you ever set your sights on a dream job, only to realize you can't obtain it?  Or have you prayed for something or someone, only to see the situation get increasingly worse and wonder what God is doing?


That was my circumstance in the past, and it is the respective circumstance of twenty-year-old Casey Fleury and Adam Point.


In this article, I will introduce and discuss the two main characters mentioned above in the novel Breaking Point

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The Journey of Writing Breaking Point

Posted 8/3/2018

Last week, I revealed the concept and decision on writing my upcoming novel, Breaking Point.  On this post, you will learn about my journey in writing this novel.


It has been a journey of learning, discovery, and adapting.  The writing of this novel took fifteen months, but the overall process took years, which I will now elaborate. 

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Breaking Point

Posted 7/27/2018

Have you ever reached a breaking point in your life?  How did you overcome it?


We all have reached a point in our lives when we think we can no longer tolerate it.  Whether it was academic failure, relationship breakdown, job loss, or disconnect with family or friends, we came to the conclusion that the situation would be irreversible, irreparable, or stuck.  Often, the situation is so bleak that the only logical "solution" is to commit suicide, thinking that we are the problem, and the problem would disappear if we disappear.


This is the ultimate breaking point.  And that was partly how the title of my upcoming novel--Breaking Point--come about.

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Strive On for Him

Posted 4/24/2018

Over three months into 2018, a lot has happened around the world--from celebrations and political debates, to accidents and tragedies--the world seems to be moving along like it does every year.  How was the first quarter of your year?  How have your goals and resolutions turn out so far?


My goals that I set at the beginning of the year are coming along steady for the most part, including to be totally trust in .God and be worry-free, aside from sustaining the initiatives I've set last year: sleeping by 11pm and waking up before 8:30am, turn to God during break time for at least twice a day, and to read the Bible daily.  The consistency of sustaining these goals still needs to improve, but achieving them on average of three to four times a week since January is already better than the average of twice a week at best last year.


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Happy Easter

Posted 3/27/2018

Spring, a season of hope and new beginnings, has arrived.  Along with Easter--an occasion to commemorate Jesus' death and resurrection.


As I glance at the bare tree branches and budding flowers while light rain falls on my light jacket, I cannot help but look up to heaven, where Jesus once came from and now He is there again after dying for our sins once and for all. He is the reason for everything, including my existence.


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Love Jesus At All Times

Posted 3/13/2018

Here in Canada, we have just moved our clocks forward to recognize daylight savings time.  I changed my clocks (yes, I still have clocks that needed to be changed when necessary, such as my radio alarm clock and microwave clock display) so that I would wake up and be arrive to church punctually on Sunday morning.  However, my body clock failed to adapt to the change.


As my alarm clock sounded on Sunday morning, I was too tired to even open my eyes.  Drifting in and out of dreamland, I visualized myself getting up and leaving my house, but physically I felt as if I was paralyzed.  Eventually, I fell back asleep after silencing my alarm clock, thinking I would nap for another fifteen minutes.  Alas!   I woke up an hour later!  By the time I left my house, the weekly communion service that started at 10:30 had already began. 


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Olympics For Christ

Posted 2/27/2018

Did you enjoy the winter Olympics?  As a big sports fan, I sure did.  It was a pleasure to watch Canada set a new national record for the most medals won in the winter Olympics.  The elation of the medalists and the joy of their proud teammates, coaches, and loved ones showed that the Olympics was not only about the various sports and competitions among the best athletes, but  the results of hard work and support behind the scenes.


 We often congratulate the medalists and question about sub par or failed performances, but all athletes train and compete hard just to qualify for the Olympics.  They dedicated themselves to prepare for the best performance of their lives so that their hard work would pay off at the biggest stage before global audience and fans, and so that they would achieve their dreams of finishing first.


The Olympians are admirable.  They make sacrifices and overcome obstacles to achieve their goal.  Even if their goals aren't met, they are content as long as they have given their all, for there are only three medals in each event, and only one can be the gold medalist or champion.


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Happy Valentine's Day

Posted 2/13/2018

In my last post, I explained why we need to see God clearly with our spiritual eyes using the incident of Jesus healing a man who was blind since birth in John chapter four.  At the end of the post, I promised to reveal how this chapter relates to me.  So here is the deliverance of my promise and to discuss another related topic: Valentine's Day.


You may ask how these two topics are related, knowing Valentin'es Day is to celebrate love.  You will find out once you read on.


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See God Clearly

Posted 1/30/2018

How is your vision lately?  When was the last time you saw your optometrist or had an eye exam?  For me, I was advised to visit my optometrist once a year, but, alas, I keep on forgetting to book an appointment!


Perhaps you have normal vision, or that you're more diligent in following your optometrist's advise than I do, because you care about your health and eyesight.  You deserve much praise if you are such person.


What about your spiritual vision?  Do you see God clearly?  Do you feel His love and presence everyday?  

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New year, new goal

Posted 1/16/2018

Happy 2018!  The beginning of a new year is always exciting, as we make new year resolutions, set new goals, and enjoy new blessings from God.  What is your resolution for 2018?  One of mine is to be worry-free as I faithful entrust my life to God.  Sounds difficult to achieve, doesn't it?


This is a goal that I wouldn't dare to make last year, as I had lots of worries and doubts about God's plan for my life.  Will I, if ever, be in a lasting relationship?  Will my living standards improve?  Will I be a contributing member to the church?  What about my career path?  Thankfully, God addressed some of my concerns and He comforted me on the rest by reminding of His fervent and unchanging love towards me.


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Farewell 2017

Posted 12/27/2017

As Christmas has come and gone, we are just days away from saying goodbye to 2017.  While news and sports media reveal their top ten stories of the year, I also took the time to reflect and review on the year.  This has been my personal tradition for many years.


The  older I got, the faster the years have passed me by.  Most days seemed like a blur to me at best, if I can recall them at all.  It fees like summer had ended two weeks ago, when the haze from the seemingly unstoppable wildfire in interior BC dimmed the sky on the supposedly sunny days.  Not too long before that, we almost thought that summer would be cancelled because of the relentless snowfalls and cold snaps during the winter and early spring.  And now, winter is back and it's snowing again.


Personally, this year was marked by changes, both externally and internally.  Writing and publishing blog posts, for example, is a task that I thought I would never be doing before this year, and I will elaborate on that and more below.   All the changes were possible because of God's grace and guidance in my life, and none of them were my goals or resolutions for the year, which I didn't make aside from being closer to God. 


Here is a list of top five changes in my life in 2017.


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