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Always Remember

Posted 11/7/2017

Photo by Yoal Desurmont on UnsplashPhoto by Yoal Desurmont on Unsplash

Remembrance Day is upon us.  It is a day to show our appreciation and tribute to the brave soldiers and other military veterans who have fought--or are fighting--for our freedom.  They make the ultimate sacrifice for the good of the people, no matter how people react to the war operations. 


Yes, wars and military operations have their implications that are mostly negative.  Cities are ruined.  Innocents are killed.  Resources exhausted.  Prices of minerals like oil are usually being driven up as a result.  Surviving veterans suffer along with those around them as they battle the internal battle called PTSD upon returning from military assignments.  It seems that wars are pointless as they do more harm than good.  After all, "good" wars don't exist.

Our Impression on Wars


Wars are wars.  From the ancient time where bows and arrows were used, to today's bombers and missiles, the purpose and impact are the same.  We want to gain something or solve problems, but more losses and problems would result afterwards.  But still, whether they were drafted or volunteered to participate in battles, these brave souls put their lives--as well as their loved ones'--on the line.  Even if it was their childhood dream to become a brave soldier wearing the military uniform and holding a powerful weapon, they would never foresee the actual experience in a military operation, and definitely not the implications afterwards.  Some would argue that the battle of living a normal life after a military operation is tougher than the war itself. 


For those who don't participate in combat, we feel grateful and relieved, especially watching news reports on wars elsewhere.  Our country is intact, our loved ones are alive and well, and we go about our lives striving for contentment and reaching life goals.  We often criticize of make judgement on the battles that are happening and the tragic results of refugees fleeing their homes to other countries.  We even criticized our governments for welcoming and  providing these refugees with benefits that people in our own nation seldom receives.  Not to mention the amount of taxpayers' dollars spent in military operations or foreign aids that could have spent to expand or upgrade important services within our country...


Our Internal Battles 


Meanwhile, we Christians are at war everyday, as apostle Paul reminded us in the letter to the Ephesians that "we don't wrestle against flesh and blood... but against spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly places." (Ephesians 6:12).  Paul then encouraged the Christians to take up the armor of God to withstand the devil's attacks and to stand firm in God's love.  To the non-believers, we seem weak and powerless, as we need spiritual help instead of fight with our own wisdom and might.  But we put on the armor of God because that's the appropriate defense for this battle.  Otherwise, it'd be like saying to defend against bombs and missiles with your bare hands!


We battle everyday against temptations, accusations, shadows from the past, doubts are God's love towards us, and social trends or attitudes, etc., or however else that the evil spirits want to influence our minds and thoughts and drive us away from God.  Sometimes, it seems like there's no way out, as we ponder why we aren't as glorious as so-and-so or how come the issues still persist.  We would even question or even blame God's timing or ways to solve our problems.  Like can't He just turn things around immediately?


I won't go in depth into how to rely on God, as I have mentioned in my other blog posts.  But I will highlight the features in the armor of God and how to win the battles.


The Armor of God


Apostle Paul listed the features of the armor of God and their functions in the passa.

  1. Belt of Truth - to be firm of spiritual knowledge
  2. Breastplate of Righteousness - have a sincere heart and to demonstrate the attributes of a Christian
  3. Shoes - to spread the gospel of peace
  4. Shield of Faith - extinguish the flaming darts (spiritual attacks, lies about God, etc.) from the evil one
  5. Helmet of Salvation - you are eternally saved by God and your sins are forever forgiven
  6. Sword of the Spirit - the word of God; earnest prayers to show reliance on God

We can help ourselves by taking up the armor of God and use the features effectively, so we may obtain the spiritual freedom that God has given us.  On Remembrance Day, while we remember and honor the brave veterans who fought for our freedom, we may also give thanks to God who sacrificed His Son Jesus Christ for the freedom of humankind after centuries of injustice and unrest.  Not only we can express the true freedom by following Jesus in this life, but we have a glorious eternity to hope and strive for.  The result of our spiritual battles will be in praises and rewards of crowns.



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