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Blessed To Be Alive

Posted 3/16/2019

As i sit here writing this blog post, families are mourning their deceased loved ones elsewhere. Whether it was caused by a plane crash, a senseless shooting, or premature death, many families are still searching for answers while dealing with the unnecessary grief. Not to mention those who have been diagnosed of terminal illness, as their days are numbered.


Meanwhile, i am sitting as comfortably as possible typing at a computer worrying about minor issues such as how to gain greater readership and interest for my e-books, and wondering who—if anyone—would read my blog.


Selfish, isn’t it?



Tragedies occur everyday. They occur so frequently that we are numbed by them. Tune in to the news, and the majority of the stories involve injuries or deaths, with the scarce few about happy things or miracles. Aside from political bickering and policy updates that catch my attention, it becomes increasingly difficult for me to watch the news.


But events from recent weeks remind me once again how blessed I am to be alive, despite how undeserving I tend to feel at times. Why an insignificant person like me live on while the more prominent or highly-regarded ones pass on tragically or facing death? I have stopped questioning God’s decision, as all creation belongs to him, and He has authority over everything. However, it doesn’t stop me from feeling sorry for those who are dealing with deaths. This may probably be the few times where I would rather be a robot with no feelings than a human being. Perhaps we can have selective feelings and emotions so we can only express or deal with them when desired.


Since such option is unavailable, I cannot ignore the sadness I have for the affected families who are going through extreme and unimaginable grief. How would one be content with a tragic death? I truly have no idea, even after the death of my close friend in October. I couldn’t even imagine how his direct family members get through this. And now, all I can do is to pray for those who are affected to receive the strength, peace, and comfort from above


This notion is so subtle that it seems fruitless, as I am not as physically active as others who would take the initiative to donate blood, send them sympathy cards, or even contact or support the affected families directly. All I do is to lift up my hands and pray while sitting comfortably, knowing that I am still living and breathing properly. Or that I would send my condolences on social media as many would do nowadays.


If I have not been fortunate enough to hace accepted Christ as my personal Savior, then the above-mentioned notion would truly be pointless, as who would I even be praying to, and what would be the point of praying? I would have no hope, or would have just as great despair as the affected families if they are not believers of God. If I were them without knowing God, I wouldn’t have strength to deal with tragedies, as I couldn’t even deal with my own life. This was how I was before I knew Christ. Life was meaningless if one wasn’t successful, and even with success, it cannot prevent tragedies and deaths, so what would be the purpose of life?


Thankfully, there is God who is in control of everything, including allowing His Son to become human like us and gone through death, so that all can receive Him and have eternal life. The same God who allow tragedies and misfortunes to happen to benefit us in the future. As Jesus died so we can live, so tragedies and deaths occur so problems will be resolved to prevent further accidents, or so that people who have been through similar misfortunes can help those who are suffering now.


You may wonder: do tragic incidents need to occur to prevent further tragedies? Why do people need to suffer in such a way if God loves us all? I am no expert to answer these or related questions since I don't have such wisdom to outsmart God, but we humans have a tendency of reacting rather than preventing, as the saying goes: if it ain't broke, don't fix it, even though we have learned from too many tragedies that it is usually too late when a problem needs to be fixed. Whether it is our reluctance or God's wisdom, tragedies happen, and although people would suffer initially, benefits would come later.


The 9/11 terrorist attacks were one of the worst tragedies in recent history, but despite the horror and devastation, border and airport securities have become main concerns to prevent another such tragedy. Stricter policies on screening, luggage and body scans, and border patrol have enhanced travellers' safety. Now the current American President fights for a border wall to keep his country safe. These measures would have initiated without any terrorist attacks, but the events increased the urgency to safeguard borders and people.


Sometimes, we don't know what a certain situation is like unless we have experienced it. But once we have experienced and got through it, we can use such experiences to help others. You may also heard how tragedies or natural disasters bring communities and people closer together. This is also true within a family or a smaller group of people. The fact is that God knows what's best for all of us, even if it takes horrible events for us to realize this.


A fine example is Job in the bible, who God allowed Satan to bring forth tragedies in his life in order not only to test his faith, but to ultimately humbled him. In the end, Job received way more than what he originally possessed because he had passed the ultimate test of trusting God without doubting or grumbling. It is difficult, as our initial reaction to any misfortune is to whine, complain, and question, but we cannot deny that God is our Creator, and He was the one who allowed and punished His Son to redeem us from our sins and grant us entry to heaven to be with Him forever.


May we all fully trust in God, who created us for Himself for a great purpose to love and glorify Him. May we also realize how blessed we are to be alive and well.



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