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Casey, Adam, and Trust In the Lord

Posted 8/11/2018

Have you ever set your sights on a dream job, only to realize you can't obtain it?  Or have you prayed for something or someone, only to see the situation get increasingly worse and wonder what God is doing?


That was my circumstance in the past, and it is the respective circumstance of twenty-year-old Casey Fleury and Adam Point.


In this article, I will introduce and discuss the two main characters mentioned above in the novel Breaking Point

Casey Fleury


Breaking Point is about the life struggles of protagonist Casey Fleury, who has been playing organized hockey since young and wants to make the NHL as a physical, stay-at-home defenseman.  Born to a French-Canadian father and an Asian mother who grew up in Canada, Casey was brought up in a loving and supportive household.  He is a big Vancouver Canucks and hockey fan who plays organized hockey since young and would enjoy a couple of live Canucks games every season.  


At six-foot-one, Casey is just an inch shorter than his hard-hitting defenseman idol, Hall of Famer Scott Stevens.  Casey loves to physically intimidate opponents like Stevens to overcome his average skating speed.  However, he'd often be too competitive, as he loves to win, but gets frustrated and angry, sometimes too angry, when things go against him.  Worried, his parents sent him to a local church despite they themselves weren't Christians.  Casey accepted Jesus Christ as his personal savior at thirteen, just before high school.


 He soon met and became close friends with Kenneth Johnson and Adam Point at church.  He even tried to bring schoolmate Danny Stewart to Christ, but Danny wasn't interested.  Casey, Kenneth, and Danny played midget hockey together for the Greater Vancouver Canadians for three years from age 15-17, and they won the Telus Cup as the national midget hockey champions in the final season.


Soon after winning the Telus Cup, Casey Fleury gradually distanced himself from church and abandoned God as he watched Kenneth play top-tier junior hockey and be drafted fifth overall by NHL's Toronto Maple Leafs.  Meanwhile, neither a top-tier junior team nor an NHL team drafted Casey.  Feeling unworthy and unappreciated, Casey settled for the junior B Steelers, two tiers below the top-tier league that Kenneth Johnson played in.  He wants to be like Kenneth, who achieved one success after another despite leaving church at 15, instead of following God and attending church in vain.


Casey would often unleash his anger and frustrations on ice towards his opponents by delivering dangerous hits and getting into fights.  His teammates and coaches are tired of his disrespectful antics that often resulted in costly penalties and suspensions.  He lumps all opponents in the same group, including Adam Point, the once-close brother-in-Christ who also plays in the same junior league as Casey and wants to make the NHL as a scoring forward.


Adam Point


Like Casey Fleury, Adam was also born and raised in Vancouver, Canada.  Unlike Casey, Adam was born to a devoted Christian couple who preached the gospel to Adam at a young age but didn't force him to attend church.  Adam accepted Christ in first year of high school (grade eight in Canada) after his friends gradually deserted him and found new friends.  Adam plays organized hockey and also dreams of making the NHL.


He loves God and cherishes His family.  He found care and support from Casey early on, while Caleb took over after Casey and Kenneth left church to pursue their hockey dreams.  He prays for the lost brothers' return often, but as years gone by with no results, his faith and trust in God is tested.


Adam enrolls in the sports management diploma program in college to secure a backup career path.  However, a concussion and other injuries resulted from Casey's dangerous hit in the playoffs earlier this year set him back.  He struggles to maintain his studies and his injuries took a while to heal.  Still, he remains hopeful to play in the NHL.  He thinks both his NHL dream is coming true and the chance to persuade Casey back to church has arrived when NHL scouts are evaluating him as his Richmond Sockeyes team faces Casey's Steelers.


But Adam's hopes are dashed when Casey unleashes his anger on him after he urges Casey to return to church late in the game.  Instead of celebrating the win with his teammates and meeting NHL scouts, Adam is rushed to the hospital.  With his hockey future at stake and learning about Casey's life struggles,  Adam's faith in God is shattered.


Trust in God


We face temptations and struggles regardless how lonwe are in Christ.  We must have sufficient faith and trust in God's guidance to be truly successful.  Yes, He knows we need a career and be financially  sustainable, but He also wants to guide us and give us the best in life not just for our own pleasures and desires, but to glorify Him.  Often, we form our own conclusion to what "best" means, and we'd rely on our own wits to obtain our desires or achieve our dreams.  When things go against us, we either be frustrated or lose faith.


Matthew Chapter Six urges us to seek first the kingdom of God and not to worry about tomorrow because God will provide.  God is our loving and all-knowing Father, and Jesus is our Elder Brother and Beloved who loves us immensely.  He knows what's best for us and has the best plan for our lives.  Consider the twelve disciples with many of them fishermen, while Jesus Himself was a carpenter.  These are both low-end jobs back in Jesus' time and now, but He still chose them to do His work and they trusted and followed Him.


Likewise, we must trust in His guidance and give ourselves to Him.  We must enjoy His love, comfort, and providence daily by drawing close and working with him daily.  Not that He would withhold things from us, but we are nothing apart from Him, as worldly achievements are little compared to the eternal glory from Him.  As apostle Paul stated in Philippians Chapter Three: "I count all things as loss because of the surpassing worth of knowing Christ Jesus my Lord... in order that I may gain Christ..." (Philippians 3:8).  Jesus is here to provide everything that we need, not just what we want.  He is greater than whatever that's in the world.


May we trust in Him and make life decisions according to His guidance!


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