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God's Beautiful Plan

Posted 10/11/2017

So it was Thanksgiving Day in Canada on Monday.  On one hand, it felt like a special occasion, as I spent that holiday visiting Victoria, BC.  On the other hand, it was just another day of the year: another day to be alive, another day to eat, commute, and sleep.  It was just a day like many others and with many more days to come.


For a short while on that day, however, I reminisced on a church gathering from last week when we discussed about God's strategies on us humans.  Why do certain events or situations occur, and where is God when we need Him the most?


We ask these and other related questions frequently, but at the end of that bible study, I realized I still had work to do.  The following points are what I've learned and my realizations.  

God's plan and purpose are greater than ours


In John 13:1-3, Jesus and His disciples saw a man who was blind from birth, and the disciples asked Jesus if or whether the man's eye condition was a result of his parents' sins.  Jesus explained that it was neither the man nor his parents had sinned, but that the works of God may be displayed in him.  In other words, that man would be used by God to testify the Lord, and it was so as told in the chapter.  


This is one of my favourite passages, and one that I would often be reminded of.  As a person with visual impairment since birth, I would either ask why or blame others.  Growing up, I thought that my parents made me this way.  After all, they were the reason I came to be, right?  After I believed in God, learned that God formed me, and so I would often question His decisions.  If God is fair and we are all equal, then why did He cause me to have a visual impairment while others are able-bodied?  The answer, turned out, is already stated in this passage, among others, that God's works might be displayed in me!  How God will use me to bless others, I still don't completely know, but if I need more evidence, I can always turn to these verses:


1. Romans 8:28 - "And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to His purpose." (ESV)


Whatever God has planned for us, because of His abundant love and wisdom, it must be for the best, even though we may not realize or accept it.  Often, our preferences and desires conflict with God's plan, and we choose our own way and ask God to bless us rather than abide in His guidance.  I am just as guilty on this as many of you, because we want the best for ourselves and sometimes cannot see the immediate value or results of whatever God has given or wants to give us.  So we ask why and beg for answers.  But eventually, I have gradually come to accept that He will cause all things to work together for my good, even though I still struggle on this at times.


2. 2 Corinthians 12:7-9 - Apostle Paul explained to the Corinthians why he should boast and the vision from God when he was caught up into paradise fourteen years prior, and how he pleaded with the Lord three times to remove a "thorn" in his flesh, which, as he mentioned in other letters, may have been his poor eyesight.  But God said to him, "My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weaknesses."


Paul addressed the problems of some believers being boastful about their works, while Paul served God humbly and suffered silently to build the church in many places.  Paul's love and care for the believers were second to none, and from his letters to various church gatherings that he never complained.  What God said to him really touched me, that I am not inferior due to my eye condition, but, like Paul, God's grace is sufficient for me, as His power is made perfect in weaknesses.  That eliminates any doubts and comparisons I used to have.


God has made everything beautiful in its time


Ecclesiastes chapter three explained how for everything there is a season.  The first eight verses in that chapter were also appear in the famous 1960s song "Turn! Turn! Turn!" by The Byrds.  Despite the powerful passage that would have cleared all our doubts, we still want more answers from God, and sometimes we even wish that we were never born!  I had trouble accepting myself and my disability even after I accepted the Lord.  Like Job (in chapter 3 of the book of Job), I once wished I was never born, so that I wouldn't be a burden to those around me.  But the answer to everything is in Ecclesiastes 3:11, as it reads "He has made everything in its time.  God has also given us eternity, so we don't need to speculate on theories about life after death, as I had before I accepted God, and that we are always with God and in His plan.


Unceasing Thanksgiving


Although Thanksgiving Day has passed, my heart is overflowed with thanks to God because of His beautiful plan He has for me.  Not only He caused me to be born, but He will use me to bless many and that I can love Him back.  Even though I still have unfulfilled personal desires, I know that God will give me the best according to His will.  The journey isn't smooth, but He holds my hand to walk on it.


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