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Happy Easter

Posted 3/27/2018

Spring, a season of hope and new beginnings, has arrived.  Along with Easter--an occasion to commemorate Jesus' death and resurrection.


As I glance at the bare tree branches and budding flowers while light rain falls on my light jacket, I cannot help but look up to heaven, where Jesus once came from and now He is there again after dying for our sins once and for all. He is the reason for everything, including my existence.


Like us, the nature seems to celebrate Easter as well. It is as if Jesus encouraging us to be raised up together with him. After all, not only He has risen and has ascended to heaven, He also lives in us and makes us glorious. Because of this, all things are possible with God, for there is no dead end even in the most troubling situation as long as we have sufficient faith to believe and trust in God's love.


We were once dead in our transgressions or lost hope and directions in our lives, but not only God has raised us up through Jesus' sacrifice and victory on the cross, but He changed us so that we are forever His new creation. We were once thorns to God—we opposed Him, ignored Him, or didn't even believe that he exists. However, since we accepted Christ, we became beautiful lilies even in a world full of thorns because God's seed abides in us forever. Not only we partake in God's divine nature, but the Father, the Lord, and the Holy Spirit all abide in our hearts.


The changes that we have through God resulting in us shining in glory. Before, we were slaves to sin and things of this world that frustrated and strangled us, but with God, we are joyous, free, and singing sweet melodies. These changes can even make us looking brighter and feeling younger.


However, we are still living in this cold and dark world that may bring us pain and grief. Despite so, we can see the light and hope beyond the dark clouds by God's love. He wants us to rejoice in Him, and He will wipe away our tears, which are temporal compared to the eternal joy we will experience. Our hearts are nourished and our paths are bright as we leap with joy like the rising sun. We walk hand in hand with God on this brilliant path of faith.


Some circumstances may force us to lose hope, but God will always give us hope and urge us to march forward with Him. One day, when Jesus comes to receive us, we will see Him face to face and embrace Him with a smiling face, for we will be with Him in a place with no tears sorrows, or even winters anymore.


On this Easter, may we reflect and give thanks to God for changing our lives with His grace, mercy, and abundant love. May we always live by the hope and faith that God has given us everyday.


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