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Happy Thanksgiving 2018

Posted 10/5/2018

Another October brings another Thanksgiving in Canada.


As usual, we will celebrate the holiday over turkey dinners with family and friends.  We would either spend the day catching up with one another, watching sports, or playingames.  We will give thanks for the year it was.


We will also give thanks to God for everything, including our existence and the life He has blessed us with.

How has your year been?  With three-quarters of it passed, have you been able to sustain your goals or achieve your resolutions?  Has there been any surprises along the way, or did you encounter any disappointments or hardship? 


Surely, not everyday is filled with sunshine and rainbows, even though we have the Lord by our side.  Not that He means to withhold happiness or contentment from us, but challenges and adversities prompt us to call upon Him and rely on Him more, as we need the all-knowing and all-loving Him to guide us through life.  If everyday is full of sunshine and rainbows only, then we are more likely to just enjoy life without calling upon the Lord much.


For me, the last month was filled with pain and frustrations--mostly physical pain.  I pulled tendons around my knee and injured my kneecap one week, followed by my annual change-of-season cold the next week, and then the latest significant gout flare-up struck after consuming lamb stew on the same week.  Just when my injured left knee was almost healed, the gout flare traveled along my right leg from the foot to the knee.  Just a couple days ago, a series of occasional hiccups occurred.  These illnesses and inconveniences have negatively affected my emotions and spirit.


However, the year in general has been ground-breaking.  I spent the first six months completing my first novel, Breaking Point.  It was indescribable joy when I completed my draft.  Not only I had developed the story from beginning to end, but I unknowingly surpassed the 100K word count plateau when I would settle for 80,000.  over the summer, I formatted my file to an acceptable epub format, I had my book cover designed, I received book reviews, and I finally promoted and published this novel in September.  


During that time, I also put my novel , along with my other two e-books--Joe Faith Gives Thanks and A Winter With Joe Faith--on Amazon, arguably the most popular online bookstore.  All three books are also available for purchase on platforms such as Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Indigo Chapters, Smashwords, and Apple.  To have three books published in the span of a year is pretty awesome, after years of writing for fun or fantasizing about getting published.  More importantly, I can inspire others with my words, not just to make myself feel good.


There are more to give thanks for than just my writing success.  For instance, I have met new friends this year and also reacquainted with a couple of old friends.  I have sustained a more stable workout schedule since February until my knee injury last month, and I have a more stable daily fellowship with God--including more prayer time first thing in the morning, reading the Bible more frequently, be inspired by listening to sermons, and spending time to pray for the church's direction, the group of believers, and my loved ones.  These are all initiatives that I'd like to sustain long term as they are put of my daily life.  


On this Thanksgiving, may we give thanks to God for all the blessings, encouragements, and guidance.  With Him, all things are possible.  Without Him, we can do nothing and we wouldn't have been here.  Wishing you a happy Thanksgiving! and everyday! 


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