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Happy Thanksgiving

Posted 10/3/2017

It's October.  For a sports fan like myself, this is one of my favourite months because, depending on the sport, it is either the start of a new season or the playoffs.  It is almost just as an exciting time as Christmas when we'd receive many gifts.


Speaking of special occasions, Thanksgiving Day in Canada falls on the second Monday of October.  As Christians, we have a lot to be thankful for, as described in my book, Joe Faith Gives Thanks.  But as soon as we turn on the news or read updates on social media, it seems that there is nothing but negativity: a terrorist attack here, a shooting massacre there, and protests against inequality elsewhere.  What is there to be thankful for nowadays?


Last week, I blogged about the Lord's love towards us, how Jesus' love plan for us is eternal and remains unchanged throughout human history.  With the latest horrific events happened in both Canada and the US, however, God's love seems so far away.  Have we not seen or heard enough about terrorist attacks or deadly incidents this year?  Surely, we were all saddened by these incidents lately, and no mentions of bible passages from any government figure would have alter these events.  


As an author who is dedicated to write stories to give readers faith and hope, the horrific events served as painful reminders that people need peace and comfort urgently.  No story, except one's own, can fully describe the pain and sorrow of losing a loved one in such tragic events as a mass shooting.  But we can all seek comfort and healing from God who knows all and loves all.  


As for the protests against social inequality--whether one kneels during the national anthem or otherwise--it seems like the efforts are in vain, as nothing much as been done to resolve this issue, and protesters, especially pro athletes who did everythin but stand during the national anthem were heavily criticized to the extent that some fans chose not to watch them play anymore.  While I won't comment about other people's ways of protesting, I will say this: the Lord teaches us in the Bible that we should honor the authority, as they are God's creation, and as we should also honor God.  We may agree to disagree, as not all government policies are agreeable, but at least we should obey them like we obey God's commandments.


While the world we live in seems hopeless, we are constantly reminded that God has prepared a glorious eternity for us, and that this world is only temporary.  I read 1 Thessalonians Chapter Four today.  Paul mentioned about the coming of the Lord near the end of that chapter, and he informed the Thessalonians that we will meet believers who have died--or "fallen asleep"--in the clouds when the Rapture occurs, so that we will with the Lord always.  Paul told the church to encourage one another with these words.  I was touched because the phrase "Till death do us part" doesn't apply here.  We will see believers who died in tragedies, of sickness,  or other means one day, both our loved ones and past saints such as those we read and admire in the Bible.  


Even we who are still alive aren't just hoping to enter heaven as soon as possible.  As the world becomes darker, we become brighter with faith and hope in God.  Despite the recent events, we still have a lot to give thanks for: our lives, our loved ones, our eternal destination, etc.  As we enjoy food and company this Thanksgiving weekend, may we also cherish what we have and what God has provided for us.


Wishing everyone a happy and thankful Thanksgiving!

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