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Happy Valentine's Day

Posted 2/13/2018

In my last post, I explained why we need to see God clearly with our spiritual eyes using the incident of Jesus healing a man who was blind since birth in John chapter four.  At the end of the post, I promised to reveal how this chapter relates to me.  So here is the deliverance of my promise and to discuss another related topic: Valentine's Day.


You may ask how these two topics are related, knowing Valentin'es Day is to celebrate love.  You will find out once you read on.


The Blind Man and Me


As you may have realized by now, either by reading my earlier blog posts, my biography, or through other sources, that I am visually impaired.  I was born with an eye defect, just like the man described in the chapter.  On verse 2, the disciples asked Jesus why this man was born blind, and was it because of the sins of him or his parents.  However, Jesus replied them that it wasn't because any of them had sinned, but rather for the works of God be displayed in him.  Translation: God wanted to use this man to glorify many, as elaborated in the rest of the chapter.


Before I knew God, I used to blame my parents for making me this way--to have a birth defect.  Of course, I have since learned that parents cannot control their kids' formation.  They cannot pick and choose the offspring's physique, their personalities, characters, attributes, or other aspects.  If the option of selections is possible, then all babies would be born completely healthy, happy, and well-behaved.


After I accepted Christ and knew that God formed us, I questioned about God's decisions of my formation.  Why was I born with a visual impairment while my sibling were born healthy?  If God so loved the world, then why does disability exist?  Wouldn't He want all people to have the greatest potentials and to live a fruitful life?  The answer is clearly stated on verse 2, that the works of God may be displayed in us.


 I asked God to heal and restore my eyesight soon after I believed, knowing that He could heal people, especially after reading this chapter for the first time.  As time goes by, however, I've realized that, like the blind man in this chapter, God wants me to be the blessing of many, that despite my poor eyesight, I can still see Him clearly and enjoy His love; that no one is perfect except God.  Yes, God heals us from various conditions to make us become glorious, but only with His wisdom where He can make use of our imperfections to bless others.


Of course, having a disability or lacking certain characters aren't the only ways to display God's works.  Look at Jesus' life, for instance.  He lost his Earthly father--Joseph--growing up, and He became a carpenter, probably just as lowly a profession as a fisherman, to many He called upon as His disciples.  God has made each one of us unique in our own way for HIs unique purpose for each one of us, and only by being close to Him and asking Him when we know how He wants to use us to bless others.  And one of the golden rules to fulfill His purpose is to love Him, because love and all things come from Him, and we love others because He first loved us.


Lover of Our Soul


I asked a question on my last blog post: Who is Jesus to you?  One of the answer for me was that He is my eternal lover.  Where did this come from and what does it mean?  We know that all things come form God and He wants to bless us greatly.  He arranged people in our lives, such as family and friends, classmates and work colleagues, and most of all, our "other half" on Earth.  Valentine's Day is upon us, a day to celebrate love and romance, but beyond presenting flowers, chocolate, and jewellery to the love of your life, or boycotting this occasion because you have no significant other to celebrate with, like me, there's a greater purpose--to celebrate our love with the Lord Jesus.


It may sound ridiculous to love Jesus in this way, for we can't see Him, or only consider Him as our elder brother, guide, or any other role than a lover.  Wouldn't He bless us with a lover on Earth at the right time?  But what if that day never comes?  Is He purposely withholding happiness from us but allow others to enjoy dating or married life?  I used to think that, up until recently, especially after a breakup.  What sort of loving God would cause a breakup or not fulfilling the desire to be in love?  The answer: a loving God who understands what's best for us more than we want to admit.


God can use anyone who loves Him to bless others: single, married, widowed, with both, one, or no parents, with no or lots of siblings.  His wisdom is boundless, and so is His love towards us.  Regardless of our circumstances, the Bible is for everyone, especially those who believe in Him and love Him.  No coincidence to the day of Valentine's Day--Feb. 14th--is a romantic Bible verse in Song of Solomon:


 "Oh my dove, in the clefts of the rock, in the crannies of the cliff,

let me see your face, let me hear your voice,

for your voice is sweet, and your face is lovely." (Song 2:14 ESV)


This was a sweet request from Solomon to the Shulamite, who he fell in love with.  He wanted to meet her at a secret place to hear her voice and see her face.  It sounded like a line from a romance novel, but as illustrated in the last chapter of this book, this is the love desire from the Lord Jesus towards us.  This book wouldn't be included in the Bible if it was just to describe human love--there are tons of romance novels for that, even from Shakespeare.  This also explains why Jesus came and died for us, why He lives in our hearts, and why He will receive us to the heavenly kingdom and home--because He not only love us, but He is in love with us so much that He has already committed Himself to us and has involved Himself in our lives.  His boundless love for us is far beyond salvation, but to love and be loved by us everyday.


Isaiah 54:5 clearly states: " For your Maker is your husband, the Lord of Hosts is His name."   The Lord wanted us to know who He is to us through the prophet Isaiah.  Since Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life, He had to offer Himself to redeem us back to Him, so He could live in us and with us, and so He can love us everyday.  Therefore, everyday should be Valentine's Day, at least for us to respond to His love by worshiping, talking and singing to Him.  For He long to hear our voice and see our face, and He longs to bless us and use us to bless others.


On this Valentine's Day, and everyday onward, may we love Him with all our hearts!


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