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The Journey of Writing Breaking Point

Posted 8/3/2018

Last week, I revealed the concept and decision on writing my upcoming novel, Breaking Point.  On this post, you will learn about my journey in writing this novel.


It has been a journey of learning, discovery, and adapting.  The writing of this novel took fifteen months, but the overall process took years, which I will now elaborate. 

The Initial Story and Idea


It all started in 2005 before I even became a Christian,  Back then, I was interested in writing soft romance featuring new adults (aged 18-25).  It was a typical story about winning a girl's heart and triumphing over obstacles, such as the male protagonist's immaturity, the disapproval from the girl's family, and oppression from her other crushes.  But the concept changed after I accepted Christ in 2006, especially after reading Christian novels from Nancy Moser and Terri Blackstock.  I realized that I should write something more godly.


During a casual walk by the waters on a fall day in 2008, God gave me the idea to write a modern series based on the Book of Acts, how the disciples love one another and preach the gospel in various places together. I kept that in mind, but wasn't sure how to start.


Novel series attract me.  I enjoy reading multiple books about the same set of characters, much like the famous Left Behind series and the Baxter Family series by Karen Kingsbury.  After receiving that series idea, I re-created the characters from my soft romance novel into that for Christian fiction.  I was to write how the male protagonist found Jesus as he failed to capture his crush's heart.


The WritinJourney of Breaking Point


As I grew in Christ, my novel idea gradually evolved.  By 2013, months after a relationship breakdown, I wanted to deepen the plot by putting my experience in dealing with the breakup.  The plot idea was good--it brought my protagonist, a heartbroken and hopeless Casey, back to God. However, as I prayed for God's guidance and gained more life experience, I wanted to write a more compelling story!  By March, 2017, I no longer just writing for interest; I wanted to glorify God and encourage many with my books.  I retraced my church life and personal experiences with Jesus and discovered that I have a lot to share!  I love hockey and play hockey with brothers in Christ occasionally, so I included that in my novel.  After having a clear goal form my characters and direction for my novel, my book gradually came into shape as I typed one chapter after another, thinking about how one action impact another, and how these actions impact the characters.     


I encountered peaks and valleys during the writing process,  Some days, I couldn't stop writing.  Other days, I couldn't even think about the book, as no scene came to mind.  I'd pray and ask God for wisdom and ideas to overcome writer's block, and ideas would come suddenly--while having meals, before sleep or after waking up, middle of the night, listening to how hockey players deal with certain life situations or injuries on sports radio, or when eavesdropping on conversations about overcoming life's challenges.  Sometimes, inspirations appear during my walks with God.  Some scenes come from my personal experience, but needing to express it in coherence with the plot line.  


It was an amazing and eye-opening fifteen months.  I felt, by the way that God gave me inspirations every time I needed it, that this book is meant to be written.  Whether you are a hockey or sports fan or not, you are welcome to read and be encouraged on how to overcome life's challenges.


First Novel of the "Return" Series


As described in my last post, my book is called "Breaking Point" that features twenty-year-old Casey Fleury, who struggles to make the NHL despite following his ex-teammate Kenneth Johnson's footsteps of leaving church. Meanwhile, Adam Point, who was close to Casey at church, is injured by Casey during junior hockey game where both he and Casey are being watched by NHL scouts.  Adam long for Casey's return to church, but he lacks faith upon learning Casey's setbacks.  As life's misfortunes defeat Casey and the lack of faith in God chokes Adam, they reach their respective breaking point.


The series is called "Return" series, which beg the question of whether the main characters would return to God's original purpose and reason for being created.  The series may be long, as it will feature the main characters' loved ones,such as family members, friends, or ex-teammates in minor hockey.  As well, the books will include the original idea of "Modern Acts" where a group of tightly-knitted Christians will make disciples of other places while overcoming their own challenges.


Next entry, I will introduce and discuss about the main characters in this novel: Casey Fleury and Adam Point.



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