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Light in the Darkness

Posted 4/12/2019

Joanna White: Christian Fantasy AuthorJoanna White: Christian Fantasy AuthorOn this special post, I am thrilled to welcome and introduce my first-ever guest blogger, Joanna White.  Joanna is a Christian author, whose debut Christian fantasy novel, Hunter, is set to release on April 30, 2019.  The Kindle edition of the novel is available fore pre-orders at the link at the bottom of this post.


Joanna enjoys writing since ten years old.  Her goal is to inspire and share her beliefs in God to others through writing.  She holds a Bachelor's of Fine Arts degree in Creative Writing for Entertainment, and she lives in the countryside of Missouri with her family.


Today, Joanna shares how we can make a difference and be the light in this dark world.  


As Christians, it can sometimes be extremely difficult to look at the world. Lately, more and more it seems that things are getting worse and worse; murdering babies is considered okay and building a wall to protect our country is considered racist. People are easily offended and to disagree with anyone else is to be seen as a terrible person.


For me, the image that comes to mind when I think about this is utter darkness. Sometimes, that's exactly how it feels to be a Christian; as if we're just wandering around aimlessly in the dark with no direction. Yet, God wants us to be the light in that darkness - an example in this fallen world. So even though sometimes it feels as if we're wandering aimlessly in the dark, we are to shine a light around us for others to see.


What good does that do? I know I have felt that I'm not doing any good. That nothing I'm saying is impacting and that I'm not helping anyone to know God and the good news of the gospel. My light is shining but who is seeing it? Who is it helping? Am I still just wandering aimlessly? Are you? In times like that, it feels like the darkness is closing in, but here's the thing about light and darkness. No matter how much the darkness presses against it, it cannot take away the light.


Our light isn't strong enough on its own. But God's is! God's light is with you because He will never leave you or forsake you and it's His light - His power through you - that will help you be a light in a dark, fallen world. Together, as we stand with each other in Christ with God our Heavenly Father, our light will shine brighter and brighter.


Hunter, Valiant Series #1Hunter, Valiant Series #1My new upcoming book, Hunter, takes place in a dark world. It's oppressing the people and Averella, the main female protagonist, feels as if she isn't going to do any good for anyone, much like I've felt as a Christian before. Yet she still tries, she still perseveres. She eventually learns that it's better when she isn't alone, just like with us.


Jared lives in this dark world and has become used to it. In fact, the darkness is where he thrives. Like so many others in reality, he's lost in this darkness and has become a slave to it. God has called us to help many others like him and it's my hope that Hunter will show and reflect the hope that we have in God. Through the darkness, through hardships and difficulties, through times when it feels as if the light is losing to the dark, God is still by our side and He knows best.


Hunter is an epic Christian Fantasy with lots of action, drama, tragedy, romance, and more. It's available for pre-order on Amazon at:


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Thank you, Joanna, for contributing to my blog.  Best wishes on your book's sales, and I look forward to have you on again.


Learn more about Christian fantasy author Joanna White via her website at  Follow her on Twitter at  

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