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Love Jesus At All Times

Posted 3/13/2018

Here in Canada, we have just moved our clocks forward to recognize daylight savings time.  I changed my clocks (yes, I still have clocks that needed to be changed when necessary, such as my radio alarm clock and microwave clock display) so that I would wake up and be arrive to church punctually on Sunday morning.  However, my body clock failed to adapt to the change.


As my alarm clock sounded on Sunday morning, I was too tired to even open my eyes.  Drifting in and out of dreamland, I visualized myself getting up and leaving my house, but physically I felt as if I was paralyzed.  Eventually, I fell back asleep after silencing my alarm clock, thinking I would nap for another fifteen minutes.  Alas!   I woke up an hour later!  By the time I left my house, the weekly communion service that started at 10:30 had already began. 


I arrived at the service at 11:30.  I hadn't been this late in a long time.  The service usually ends before noon, and by that time, the elder brother had already gave thanks to the bread and cup.  The bread plate had already been passed around to the congregation, and the cup was being circulated to the final few rows of seats.


I maintained my Sunday routine of having breakfast and coffee on the go on my way to church,  It started about five years ago when I had difficulty being punctual on Sundays.  Having breakfast on the go increased the efficiency of time usage, and coffee enabled my body and mind to be awaken and provided the energy I'd need throughout the day.  I was slightly energized when I entered the church building, which was filled with melodic singing of the family of Christ who I have come to know and love for twelve years.


The song they were singing was called "Deep, deep love of the Lord."  It was about how Jesus did everything with love for us during His journey on Earth, and how we should love and praise Him in all circumstances.  The prayers from brothers and sisters iin response to the song focused on the Lord's persistence and steadfast love towards us, and how He cherishes our love response towards Him.  Even though I was still not fully awake, I was deeply touched by the song and prayers.


Unlike the impact of losing an hour of sleep due to the time change, such as fatigue, drowsiness, and lacked ability to focus, which were the effects that I experienced throughout the day, Jesus' love towards us isn't affected by anything.  He would never take a day or even an hour off, or be affected by fatigue or distractions to love us with His highest love.  He is always ready to love us, care for us, celebrate over us, and incline His ears to listen to whatever we have to say.  Some may assume that Jesus is capable to do all this because of what He is--a god, but actually, this gives Him an even less reason to love us the way He does if He doesn't desire us the most.  Because of His love and commitment towards each one of us, He wants to be there for us always, and this will never change.  


Likewise, our love towards Jesus should never change, not because of fatigue from time change, not because of our personal agendas, interests, or preferences, not because of unanswered prayers or unfulfilled dreams.  We should love Him to our best abilities, just as Jesus loves us with His best abilities, even though our capacities are so far less than Jesus'.  He appreciates our every effort of love towards Him, and in case you may forget the little things you did to love Him, perhaps a small lifestyle adjustment, attitude change, or spend more time with Him each day, He will remind and reward us at the stage of Christ.  The crowns that we'll receive from Him aren't just for big things we've done, but things that you may not even aware of or recall over time, because our efforts and love mean everything to HIm.


May we love Him at all times! 


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