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My Father's World

Posted 4/6/2019

As I walked toward a park near my house for the weekly morning fellowship on Tuesday, my mind was still half asleep, despite enjoying a much-needed cup of coffee before heading out. I slept for almost a full nine hours the night before, so I was energized when I woke up. Still, my mind wandered aimlessly during the ten-minute walk to the park.


The morning sunshine warmed me as I arrived at the park. We met on a gravel baseball diamond to sing and worship. Surprisingly, I arrived first, so I circled the bare baseball diamond while entrusted the day to God.


I soon realized that I wasn't alone. No, my group of brothers hadn't arrived yet, but a few singing birds were enjoying themselves on the trees and flew above me. Suddenly, I was reminded of something—God's wonderful creations.


I have read the early chapters of Genesis numerous times, both on my own and at fellowships. I quickly learned that God created every animal species in its own destinctive kind, and Adam named them all. My poor vision and lack of knowledge of nature would not tell me what kind of birds were present at the park, but the fact that they were God's creation—along with the sun and the sky—was precious enough for me to care.


Soon, I recalled the documentaries I watched on the night before. For leisure, I watched updates on the search for inhabitable extra-solar planets. This has been my fascination since almost two decades ago, a period of my life before I became a Christian, and before I even cared whether God exists. Back then, the possibilities of aliens and other Earth-like planets intrigued me. At one point, I considered joining SETI—Search for Extra-terrestrial Intelligence.


Our Unique Planet


After I believed in God, I learned that the possibility of aliens is slim to none. Whether they truly existed or not, or whether God chooses to reveal the existence of aliens to us or not, it didn't matter because God's plan is us human beings on this unique and destinctive planet called Earth. In fact, the fascination of other species tend to draw us away from God. So I gradually focused on my spiritual growth and well-being rather than wondering about other civilizations.


Still, my belief didn't stop me from tracking updates on exo-planet discoveries. The more planets are discovered, the most I treasure God's creation, because planets and everything else don't just randomly appear; they have to be created and be in certain orders or conditions. One video listed and desccribed the top ten planets with the most exotic conditions. One revolves around three stars, thus having three suns. Some planets have winds that are measured in thousands of kilometers per hour. Other planets rain stones of fire (from cooled magma).


Surely, no random chance would have resulted in such different worlds. Even though most of the planets mentioned above are extremely far away, one only needs to explore our own solar system to find planets of different sizes, conditions, and axis of rotations. If all solar systems are created in the same manner, then they should have similar traits. And if this is true, then there should be many Earth-like planets with similar conditions as our own Earth. Even though there are other “Earths” being discovered, their conditions vary. Thus far, only this planet is best suited for our existence and survival. Other like-planets have different temperatures, seasons, and oxygen levels that would affect us, just to name a few.


Is this world perfect? Perhaps it was, but not after millennia of human history and how we have treated the planet. Astronomers search for other Earth-like planets to possibly expand or relocate us because Earth's conditions have worsened and basic resources are becoming scarce. Even though they haven't found another best-suited planet, many planets have certain essential ingredients we need to sustain us, such as oxygen and water.


But even if a replica of Earth is found, we have no way of getting there with our current technology. Even with space vehicles that can travel at the speed of light, it would still take over four years just to reach our closest neighbouring planet revolving the star of Proxima Centauri. In a universe that possibly stretches billions of light years across, a few light years would be shorter than the distance of my ten-minute walk from my house to the park.


Father's Best Care


Back to the fellowship. I shared my appreciation of God's creation to my group, and we sang a song with a similar theme and worshipped. Not only God created the world and all things within it, but He is the Father who shows His love towards his children through the creations, so that we may be worry-free like the singing birds that flies freely in the sky. He has made everything suitable for us, from the air we breathe to the sources of food and water to sustain us, not to mention the weather conditions for crops to grow, and causing the planet to rotate and recolve for us to tell time and seasons.


Not only these, but He has also created many things to remind us of His love, such as father penguins guarding the eggs while the mother gather food, or human parents to demonstrate various qualities of Him as the ultimate parent. But only He can provide the best for us and guide our lives.


Best of all, the Father holds authority and controls all things. Only He has the best plan for each one of us—even when He allows sufferings or tragedies to occur. To us, the brief and abrupt moments of misfortunes stun us and bring us to our knees, leaving us in doubts, worries, and despair, but the Father knows what would follow and that He is ready to bless us and give us better than what we had, like that described in the book of Job.


One evidence is the aftermath of the Humboldt Broncos bus crash a year ago. The event was tragic and sad, but it brought the already close-knit small down even closer along with the nation and the world, it set the record of largest amount of funds raised on GoFundMe, and six lives were saved by the organs of one deceased hockey player. These are just the more notable effects, along with the calls for better training for semi truck drivers and mandatory seat belts for school buses.


After the fellowship, I realized more that we can enjoy ourselves and live happily in the Father's world knowing He has prepared the best for us, like Earthly parents would prepare everything before a child is born. From His creations to His providence, we can live with complete trust and contentment because we have the most loving, caring, and all-knowing Father. We don't need to search for other Earth-like planets to relocate us or our descendants because the Father is preparing the best and most glorious city—New Jerusalem—for those who believe in Him, and He will create new heaven and new earth after the current world is no more.


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