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My Thoughts on Halloween

Posted 10/24/2017

The pumpkin cloth I made in grade sevenThe pumpkin cloth I made in grade seven

My first Halloween celebration was over twenty years ago.  I was in grade seven, having been in Canada for about half a year.  At school, I sewed (I don't remember how exactly) a pumpkin-shaped orange cloth onto a squared black cloth.  I still have it to this day.


After dinner that evening, my parents took my siblings and I out for Trick-o-treating.  My siblings and I each wore a mask probably purchased at a nearby discounted store.  We collected candies of all sorts and visited some nicely-decorated "haunted houses"--which were actually the front lawn--with gloomy lighting, vapor, and inflatable Jack-o-lanterns or ghostly figures.  It was a fascinating experience.


We celebrated a few more Halloweens after that until I graduated from high school, mostly because we became busy and for safety reasons.  By then, we wanted to be safe from firecrackers, tampered candies, and unfriendly people.


By the time I became a Christian, Halloween was just another day of the year, not to mention the Bible advised us not to celebrate it, as in Ephesians 5:11 - Take no part in the unfruitful works of darkness, but instead expose them.  


I am not here to debate whether Halloween should be celebrated or not, as we can easily google the answer or find the reasons throughout the Bible.  Fortunately for me, I never had much interest in celebrating this occasion or to wear a costume, except at work, where the office was decorated with Halloween decors and every employee dressed up.


I told them, because I am a Christian, and Christians don't celebrate Halloween, that I prefer not to wear costumes or hand out candies.  My coworkers respected that, and they didn't assign any extra-curricular activities to me, but they had me wearing a wizard's hat and told me the day before to dress in suit and tie.  I took that compromise so that my bosses would not frown upon me, and it was to show corporate culture for anyone that walked into the office.  To be honest, I was fine with hiding in a corner unnoticed for the day.


The most comfortable moment of the day was when I got off work, after taking off the hat.  It was late afternoon when I commuted home and people in costumes were everywhere, especially kids with baskets ready for Trick-o-Treating.  I would walk faster than usual, ran for the bus or train because I wanted to be home as soon as I could before I would see more people in costumes or be in danger of firecrackers.  I would pray for safety during my commute.


I felt that the Lord made everyday not only for us to live, but to make the right choices.  Do we want to stay holy before  God, or do we pretend to be innocent and conform with others?  Perhaps the longer nights made it easier for me to seek for safety.  Had the day was as long as that in the summer--the sunset time is usually past 9pm in Vancouver during summertime--I would be more willing to stay outdoors and check out the Halloween decorations on people's front lawns, even though some may argue that it wouldn't be "spooky" enough as it would be when it's dark.


In Romans 12:2, Paul reminded us not be conformed to the world, but for our mind to be transformed and renewed by God to discern what is good and acceptable to Him.  In 1 Peter 1:14, we are reminded, as obedient children of God, to not be conformed to the passions of our former ignorance, as it was before we knew God.  Throughout the New Testament, we are encouraged to guard our minds, not be tempted, etc.  There are many things we can do to resist from participating in Halloween festivities, such as to spend time reading His words, enjoy fellowship and understand brothers and sisters more over a meal, or watch movies or shows with a more positive or happy themes.  If you already have a daily routine, treat that day just like any other day and continued to be sanctified to Him.  He delights in those who remain holy and faithful in difficult circumstances.


May we be safe and enjoy the Lord's love and presence on Halloween!     







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