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New year, new goal

Posted 1/16/2018

Happy 2018!  The beginning of a new year is always exciting, as we make new year resolutions, set new goals, and enjoy new blessings from God.  What is your resolution for 2018?  One of mine is to be worry-free as I faithful entrust my life to God.  Sounds difficult to achieve, doesn't it?


This is a goal that I wouldn't dare to make last year, as I had lots of worries and doubts about God's plan for my life.  Will I, if ever, be in a lasting relationship?  Will my living standards improve?  Will I be a contributing member to the church?  What about my career path?  Thankfully, God addressed some of my concerns and He comforted me on the rest by reminding of His fervent and unchanging love towards me.


This year, I want to be totally trust in God and be worry-free, so I won't be stressed out about my life, which would do me no good physically or spiritually.  Worrying or doubting means that one isn't joyful in God, and I want to be joyful.


Thankfully, God is all-knowing, and He gave me an important tool for me to achieve this goal.  It can be found in the Gospel of John chapter four--the living water.


We are all familiar with the story in that chapter: Jesus left Judea and was passing through Samaria to Galilee when he met a Samaritan woman who came to draw water, and He told her about the living water after asking her to give Him a drink.  During the conversation, Jesus addressed the woman's relationship problem and urged her to worship the Father in spirit and truth.  Afterwards, when she knew who Jesus was, she told the people in the town about Jesus.  So what is so special about this?


We chase after things continuously to satisfy our thirst, whether it is education, a better or higher-paid job, higher livinstandards. more entertainment, or just be happier.  Once we've obtained it, we want more because we don't feel satisfied enough, and we continue to chase until we are fulfilled, not realizing that it would never happen, because we are not created to be satisfied by things on Earth or are temporal, but things that last and have eternal value.


In the case of the Samaritan woman, Jesus pointed out that she had had five husbands (or had married five times), and the man that she was with wasn't her husband (assuming as her boyfriend).  The Bible didn't mention why this woman had so many failed marriages, but from the conversation she had with Jesus, she wanted the living water not only to stop drawing water from the well, but to be content in life.  Then, Jesus told her the way to get the living water--to worship God in spirit and truth.


Whatever you have been chasing to satisfy you will leave you thirsty again, but only when we worship God in spirit and truth--and with faith--when we'll be nourished, so that our spirit wouldn't feel dry.  When we live with God, our spirit will become like a living spring that supplies endless amount of nourishment (water).  By this, I mean to draw near to Him, open your heart and share your joy and sorrows with Him, and let Him speak to you and guide you with His words.


I mentioned earlier than I thirst for relationships and a better life up until last year, and Jesus' comforting words and this chapter in the Bible flowed like living water within me.  My next action is to worship Him in spirit and truth, using His words as the foundation.  So that I won't be chasing for things that cannot fully satisfy me.


May the living water spring up in you always.  May God bless you abundantly this year!





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