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Spiritual Weather

Posted 9/1/2018

What's your spiritual weather like? Sunny and warm?  Heavy rain with thunderstorm with risk of hail?  Blizzard in a cold snap, with no end in sight?    


For a few years, my spiritual weather--or condition--was best described as in a direct hit by a category-4 hurricane.  Physically, I was always tired. I'd sleep for the majority of the day and only leave my house for fellowships.  Emotionally, I had depression symptoms and was exasperated.  Dealing with a relationship breakup left me doubting my existence and questioning God's love towards me.  the "hurricane" gradually dissipated after years of support and care from God's family, and His love appearing during fellowships.  As requested by the Shulamite in Song of Solomon, sustain me with raisins; refresh me with apples.  I needed God's love to keep me alive.


Nowadays, my spiritual weather condition is a mix with sun and clouds with a chance of showers.  I don't say this to prove that I listen to the weather forecast multiple times daily, but it represents my improved optimism, trust, and hope in God despite the little changes in my life's circumstances.  I'm still single, and my writing business starts to take shape.  I'm learning more about God and am more content about how He has an unique plan for me and who causes things to work together. 


It's inspiring, isn't it?  Looking back, I almost feel stupid and shameful to have doubted His love and argued with Him, but it was also a key moment of my life aside from being saved.  It was a painful process of growing in the Lord, or, as stated by apostle Paul in Hebrews chapter five, it enabled me to be spiritually weaned and to eat solid food.


One Year Since "Joe Faith Gives Thanks"


In a way, not only I can eat solid spiritual food, but I can also share it with others.  On   the first weekend of September 2017, my first short-story collection e-book "Joe Faith Gives Thanks" was released to celebrate Canadian Thanksgiving in October.  The stories feature me as a character named Joe Faith--an average "Joe" who is faithful--giving thanks to God in various circumstances, including retracing my journey to know and believe in Him.  As you may have read my other blog posts, giving thanks and being content are two of the most difficult attributes to sustain, so I wanted to encourage and share to many as much as possible.


This book represents how far I came in my spiritual journey--from arguing with God daily and wishing I was non-existent to freely sharing my thanksgiving to Him in a matter of years.  It still amazes me that I wrote and published that book.  Yes, I love writing, and I'd often write my feelings down in a Word document if not verbally tell God directly, but the entries aren't public knowledge aside for those who are close to me


More importantly, the book represented the end of a multi-year-long storm in my spirit.  As I was willing to share my walk with God publicly via portraying myself as Joe Faith, I had also gained a greater level of trust in Him and have more hope in my future.  I had turned the page of being bleak and angry to a new chapter of hope and optimism.  Today, the "mix with sun and cloud" forecast still comes with a chance of showers, as not everyday is smooth, and there are days when I regress, but through the ups and downs, it's generally trending upwards.


And my spiritual weather will be further improved with the release of my debut novel, Breaking Point, which I hope it'll help improve your spiritual weather, too!


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