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We Are All Precious

Posted 11/14/2017

The past few days were emotional.  First, it was Remembrance Day this past Saturday, when we remembered and saluted those who fought and sacrificed for our freedom.  Then, it was yesterday, where friends, family, and some of the notables from the baseball world to recall fond memories and celebrate the life of all-star pitcher Roy Halladay, who was killed at a plane crash last week at the age of 40.  In both occasions, people reminisced about the past and times they spent with the person.  Such memories will resonate with those around them for the rest of their lifetime.


These tributes were emotional because, behind their duties or fame, they had their own personal life stories to share.  Even if they would share similar journeys in combat or in sports, their background, upbringing, and lives away from their duties or profession made up most of the memories.

We are all created uniquely for different purposes


No matter how famous we would be, or how much we would have contributed to the world, we all have our own unique stories, and those around us would recall fond memories that we would share with them.  For God has created each one of us uniquely and has put us in this world for our unique purposes.  We all bless and touch others in different ways, and we are touched and inspired by others differently as well.  Also, we wear many hats everyday.  While it many seem that we act differently around our family and friends than we are around colleagues and strangers, we are still one person to care for and satisfy others' needs.


What touched me the most was the contrast between Roy Halladay as a pitcher and him at home.  On the job, he was described as a fierce competitor who always seized the opportunity to improve, and a humble teammate who refused to credit himself for success.  At home, he was cherished as a loving husband and a caring father who always put others' interest first.  As a friend, he was funny and adventurous.  While he displayed his selfless attribute on and off the baseball diamond, the way he brought success to his teams that he played for was different form how he brought stability and contentment to his family.  


Likewise for the heroes in combats.  Even though their stories aren't often being shared, their conduct in battle would be far different than that before their loved ones.  But like Roy Halladay, some of their personality traits and attributes would be consistent no matter who they face.  


No need to compare


Sometimes, as we listen to how highly one person praises or speak of another through sharing memories, we can't help but wonder how people around us would speak of us in remembrance.  Do the little things we have done care or even resonate in people's minds?  Will we be remembered as a help or burden to others?  Will people only recall the fun times but forget about the key moments, or will they view our key moments with them the same as we would view them?  And what about our seemingly insignificant contributions to society compared to others?


Our achievements and deeds may seem insignificant when compared to others, even among Christians past and present.  After all, how many can come close to doing what apostle Paul had done or gone through, or that of people such as Martin Luther or John Wesley?  According to the Bible,  these greats would receive abundance of rewards at the stage of Christ because they suffered greatly to stand up for the Lord.   But, thankfully, the Bible also reminds us that a heavenly reward will be given when we do as a small a deed as giving water to little ones (Matthew 10:42).  So precious that, while people--even ourselves--cannot fully recall what we have done in our lives, God not only remembers them but He cherishes them so much that He will reward us accordingly.  


So don't look down on ourselves or compare us to others.  We are given different attributes and talents to bless others and glorify God in different ways.  As a member of the body of Christ, we have different functions to support one another and build the church.  In life, we touch and inspire others differently.  Imagine if we all have the same background, upbringing, personalities, and talents.  When we come together, we will only have conflicts and more reasons to compete, because we would all be the same and we fight to be the best.  God created us uniquely so we can supplement one another.  One's weakness becomes another's strength, and one's lack is covered by another's abundance.  So while we admire others, we should also be proud of ourselves, proud of the way God has created us and our talents and achievements.








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