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Short-story Collections 

 Joe Faith Gives Thanks


Happy Thanksgiving!  We have a lot to give thanks for, but sometimes giving thanks can be difficult when we are emotionally down or we encounter situations where we feel hopeless or doubtful of God's love or His abundant plan for us.  Please join Joe Faith--a Christian for some years--in his journeys to give thanks through three heartwarming short stories!

Special thanks to Lauria for the book cover design!


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 A Winter With Joe Faith


Cover image by Elijah Hail on Unsplash.comCover image by Elijah Hail on

Merry Christmas!  Winter can be difficult to bear.  It's usually cold and wet, and it gets dark early.  Yet, we are excited when December arrives because of Christmas and New Year's--festive occasions that warm our hearts and prompt us to celebrate joyously.  Sometimes, we are so overjoyed by our loved ones and gifts that we forget to thank God or draw near to Him daily, or we are busy reflecting on the happy memories to realize that God is waiting to hear our voice and see our face.  Joe Faith is no exception.  Please join Joe as he prepares for the holidays and rings in the New Year! 


Special thanks to Elijah Hail for the cover image and Rebeca for cover design!

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