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 Breaking Point ("Return" Series #1)


WhatBreaking Point e-novelBreaking Point e-novel will you do when your dream is shattered and your life falls apart?


The first novel of the "Return" series, Breaking Point is a story about two Christian men: one seeking for self worth and appreciation, the other longing for a lost brother in Christ.  Twenty-year-old Casey Fleury wants to make the NHL to prove his worth and gain appreciation from those around him, but his over-competitiveness and life's misfortunes hinder him.  A Christian of a few years, Casey wants to be like his former minor hockey teammate, Kenneth Johnson, who is flourishing in the NHL after walking away from God. Meanwhile, Adam Point longs for Casey's return to God's family, but his faith is shaken after Casey injured him during a hockey game and after learning about Casey's misfortunes. As life's troubles consume Casey and doubts in God choke Adam, only one option remains as both Casey and Adam reach their respective breaking point...


Cover art designed by Mibl Art.


"Breaking Point is a novel about faith, friends, and reams... Many people would enjoy this book." --Maddy Crone.


You can purchase this e-book at Amazon, Kobo, Indigo Chapters, Smashwords, Barnes & Noble, Apple iBooks. Price: $4.49 CDN / $3.45 USD (may differ slightly due to currency conversions.)

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